Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lately at work

Lately at work I have seen...

- A boy of about 10 years old who pulled a condom out of his pocket. I gave him quite the look about it. He hadn't even hit puberty yet!

- A lady trying to talk to me in French, even as it was obvious I was only talking to her husband in English!

- A man who upon looking at a panoramic aerial photo of the town declared "It would be easier to get a photo like that in the winter." Me: "Mmm, not really, it would be too white from all the snow." Him: "Well, there are only 1 or 2 days a summer where it is really clear from all the smoke out there." Um...sort of? This summer it's been fog.

- A man with a crewcut and then a 1 inch wide strand of hair past his shoulders.

- A customer who was amazed that we have an earthquake you can feel about once a month. Totally astonished by that. But it's true! Check out my archives!

- In response to hearing about Man v. Wild and eating raw creatures, my boss said, "I'd eat sticks."

- A very unmanly man who told me about how lollisticks were the candy of choice in the 1800s. And then he answered his cell phone, "Good afternoon, this is Benjamin."

- A young teenager (13 - 15ish) who from the minute she came in kept talking and talking. We have a keychain rack with names on it. She was appalled to find her name was not listed. "They must not like Hispanic names." And as she walked away from the rack, she turned to me, "My name's Rosa!!" and waved at me. As she paid for her stuff, "I can't wait to get my permit!!" Little random!

- 1 type of candy we sell has white sprinkles on top. I was emptying out a tub of the candies and accidently grabbed a few sprinkles and they went flying all through the candy counter. That was fun :)

- A girl with neon green nail polish. Also, another lady with bright blue nails and her rings (with turquoise) matched her nails.