Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Impressions: Art 367

Today I started my History of Photography class. This is the first class I have taken via Elive. It's an interesting setup, running class via audio and images. It's not a perfect tool, but it will do for what it is intended to do.

There are only 5 of us students for the class plus the instructor. And we're all females! Should be fun.

The professor seems pretty cool. She was a pro photographer for several years, but now she mainly just teaches.

The assignments are going to be fun, dealing with photography in our lives, and how it has affected culture, but there are a lot. A lot of busy work too. I should be prepared for it, I suppose.

All in all, it seems like it will be a decent class.

Now, if only the other professors would post syllabuses for the classes that start next week! I have no idea what is required of me for those ones yet.