Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get Off My Porch!

We live next to a daycare. Our neighbor that runs it is a bit touchy sometimes so we try to stay out of her way. The way our apartment is set up, the wall to her house is about 7 feet from our front door. Along the wall she has raspberry bushes growing.

Yesterday, I came home to find an old plastic jar (like a mayonnaise one) on our porch with the lid off. I glanced in to see some of the kids (apparently) had been picking some raspberries. All well and good, but why leave it on my porch?

As I looked into the jar, I saw the most disgusting and huge spider. It was green and brown, with a body sac literally the size of a dime. I watched it in horror trying to get out of the jar for about 20 seconds, me unsure what to do.

Finally deciding that I did not want that arachnid anywhere near my house, nor coming into it, I kicked the jar off my porch. The spider landed on the grass and I promptly squished it several times. The raspberries fell out too, but that's the price they pay for leaving it on my doorstep.

I don't know if the spider was in there because some kid thought it was cool, or if it came in on accident, but they will have to get over it. I don't care if this causes more issues with our neighbor; that spider was not staying on my porch!