Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amazing Images

I have been slowly bookmarking several images to share and my folder is getting a bit large, so I figured it was time! (Sorry I don't have them embedded in this post)

Amazing Images
Let the Sunshine In - I love sunrays, and this one is just fantastic.
Moonlight - Incredible sunset and beach shot.
The Curious Kit - Adorable baby fox
Flowerpower - A polar bear in a field of fireweed. Awesome.
Selective Color - I really don't like selective coloring for the most part, but this one just seemed to fit.
Yellow - Fantastic shot of a little boy in the rain holding a yellow duckling.
.. Dreaming - Siamese cat with wide eyes :)
The Soul Drift - Sunset over a winding stream
Blue on Blue - A Scottish church building among trees.
My Quiet Place - The Lost Lens Cap - Jessica has been having some incredible images lately, but I think this is my favorite so far. The lighting is amazing!
Rain Through the Roof - Anil Kandangath - I had been looking into images shot into the rain and this one is really interesting to observe.

I hope these inspire you!