Wednesday, August 12, 2009

House Changes

I have begun adding framed shots of my work to our green kitchen wall. It's been slow coming. The bigger 8x10 shot is not by me, but it soon will be replaced with a shot that is.
"Our" wall is growing. I added our Hawaiian caricature and a couple of green frames.
We recently picked up a black bookcase. I wanted it for books, but C thought it would be good for our sparse kitchen space. It is now a mini pantry.
The latest plant. It's still getting used to our house, so we'll see if it grows.
Here starts our latest endeavor. Last night, we ate this junky Betty Crocker practically premade cake sample I received in the mail.
This is what our living room has looked like for about a year, give or take a few things.
Last night, we moved the third computer desk out, leaving a wide open space next to the window. We then moved both C and I's computer desks. It ended up being a bigger project than I was expecting!
Now I am next to the window.
Don't mind the clutter. We haven't put everything back together yet. This is how it all looks now. The couch is still in place to watch shows and DVDs from C's computer.
My lovely desk. Don't be fooled, it won't be this neat for long. But now I can look outside the window all day long while I do homework. It will be great! Although it's already been a bit distracting, and the sunshine leaves a big glare on the desktop when it's streaming in. But I think it's a small price to pay.

C and I now have more room to work. It's a weird and strange change, but it's been good already.