Thursday, August 13, 2009

A New Baby

If all flowers wanted to be roses, nature would lose her springtime beauty and the fields would no longer be decked out with little wildflowers. - Teresa of Lisieux

I was approached by a friend to potentially take photos of the birth of her second child. I was a bit unsure (and honestly freaked out), but quickly decided I wanted to do it for them and I knew in the end that I would be happy that I had.

Last night, Mom-to-be called and told me she was thinking she was going into labor. I attempted to go to bed early, but my mind was too worked up to make much use of it. I had a fitful sleep, and ended up dreaming of babies being born all night long. I kept waiting for the phone to ring for the call to come. It didn't come.

When C got up at 7, I got up too. At 7:30, Mom-to-be called. I had missed the birth! They went to the hospital at 12am, and labor suddenly went extremely quickly. There was no chance of calling me, and Scarlett was born at 2:47AM.

I was disappointed to have missed it, but I was happy everything went extremely well and smoothly.

I went up to the hospital at 9 and spent some time and took a lot of photos after everyone was cleaned up, but not really rested. It was memorable nonetheless and I had fun taking photos!

Mom-to-be told me, "Next time, we'll call you when we leave for the hospital!"

Today I saw at work...
A crossdresser (man) with red lipstick and manicured, french tipped fingernails. And, his head was shaved bald except for a small ponytail.

A married hippie couple. They were really cute, with an adorable pug. He had dreadlocks to his knees. They were both beautiful people and pretty cute together.