Monday, November 17, 2008

Skipbo and Sopapillas

On Friday at work, my coworker brought in Skipbo, because she had received it as a gift and wanted to learn how to play it so she could play with her grandkids. Since it was so dead that day, she and I played a game of Skipbo for an hour or so, and weren't interrupted with customers once. So that was different. Anyone else play games at work?

My boss learned how to text message this week. She was in meetings all weekend, so when I needed to talk to her, I sent weird to do that with one's boss!

I picked up my brother in law and his fiance today and took them to meet their photographer. They were ecstatic to be able to have photos done, which made me happy. They are treating it as an answer to prayer and stuff, so C and I don't feel that we need to disclose the origin of the funds. I'd rather them not focus on us. But the meeting went good and then I took them to the city clerk's office to do their marriage license. A random Russian in there heard they were getting married and handed them $100 and "have a happy marriage" ! Boy they were excited. So anyway, I think they are having a blessed week and hopefully it will only get better!

Tonight, the small group went to the local Mexican restaurant for sopapillas. The group has been meaning to do it for probably 2 years and just hasn't. We had only 6 people tonight, so we went ahead and did it! (Sorry you weren't here Lori!) It was fun. I ended up eating more chips and salsa though...C has tomorrow off, and then Wednesday has inventory at work ALL day...7 am to 8 or 9 pm probably. He will be pooped and tired. I feel bad, especially because the wedding is this weekend. We are also potentially having Thanksgiving this weekend, because all of the family will be here. So it should be fun!

Hopefully I'll have more to say this week as the weekend gets closer. If not, a wedding post will be soon!