Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pre Wedding: Brother in law's

Today's been a long day, but fun. After working all day, I went to rehearsal for my brother in law's wedding. It was a fun time, and I got to stand in for 2 different roles: a groomsman (C) and the bride's grandma. Lots of wandering around, and then we went out for pizza. Everything was fun family time. I was a bit depressed at the end, cause C was going to hang out with the guys, and I was just going to go home. I ended up renting a movie with Karen and we watched it at her house, with my mom in law and a brother in law's girlfriend. "Baby Mama" is weird, but ended up being kinda cute, if not predictable at the end. Ah well. It was still fun to hang out with everyone. Now I am home, waiting for C, and it's 12:30. He is with his brothers at a a friends house and they had a bonfire. One brother in law managed to put the car in the ditch in the driveway, and it is now high centered. C called 10 minutes ago, saying that and they were wandering around looking confused. Not a good sign. I'll wait up for a little bit, then go to bed around 1, probably. There is a wedding tomorrow, after all.

update: C got home 5 minutes ago. They got out. The car is a bit dented, but he is home. K, time for bed!