Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Post Wedding 2

Brr! It snowed all morning and there is at least 3 inches on the ground. The roads are getting slippery. Caleb is out shoveling the walkways. I made him some cocoa for when he comes in. I really want to make my mom's snow ice cream, but we don't have freezer space right now!!

I got a lovely hair trim today when we went to town. Last night we went to small group, and it was just us and our hosts! So we played a game, and then just talked. It was fun. And she had made some wonderful banana bread! Tonight we have another meeting. And I work tomorrow. But, without further ado, here's some more weekend recaps.


I was very pooped at the end of the wedding. We got home at 7:30. At 10:15, my mom in law called. One brother was making his signature meal of chicken cordon bleu. So, of course we had to go. We arrived at 10:30, and I looked at wedding pictures. We finally got to eat at 12:45 (yes it took a long time) and were home by 1:30, and in bed by 2. So I woke up on Sunday truly exhausted.

We had Thanksgiving on Sunday. SIL had to work all day and C had to work until 5, but came on his lunch break. But all the brothers were there, and won't be here on Thursday. So we did it! It was fun and spread out the holidays more for C and I.

C has a much needed 3 day weekend. Next week is the start of finals for me, so I need to get busy. I also am working 5 more days this week. Thursday, we will head out East End with my parents to my brother's house for Thanksgiving there. I can't wait for more good food!