Sunday, November 2, 2008

5 o clock sunsets..

We had my brother in law and his fiance over last night. They hadn't been to our place yet, so we gave them the (small) tour. We talked wedding pretty much the whole time. It was nice to have them over, but a bit depressing. They both lost their jobs this month, so things are getting more and more tight for them...not to mention planning a wedding. So if you all could pray for them, that would be awesome.

And we got the apartment clean! =P

Today, not much happened that is worth noting really. Had lunch with my parents, then did grocery shopping with them. Always a good time. I just finished the last of my homework about 10 minutes ago, so now I am chilling before heading to bed.

I hate the time change! Now the sun sets at early! I hate having my sleep schedule off as well. Oh well...I'll get over it.

Tomorrow I think that I will be going to AP and cleaning out my old bedroom. Boxing up stuff I want to keep and bags for Salvation Army. I've been wanting to do it before we really get snow, and it could be soon. So I'll do it tomorrow! I also plan on popping in to see a friend who just had her second baby a couple weeks ago. So insane that she has two kids already! She's a year older than I am, but still!

I also want to decorate for Christmas this week.....*looks sheepish* It always excites me to decorate and I can't wait to decorate our place, so I just want to do it. We'll see when it happens and I will probably post pictures.