Monday, November 24, 2008

Post Wedding

The wedding is over and I am so relieved. Here are some recaps.

Saturday morning came way too early after our late night. We got to the church at 10:40, ten minutes after we were supposed to be there, and we were among the first to arrive. Funny how that works. It worked out fine, but I wasn't sure that it would. I helped Tracy set up her photography stuff and got to be her model yet again while she positioned everything the way she wanted it. Then I hung out with the guys while they got ready...not that there was anything to do! I went to check on the bride and her crew a few times. It was soon time for pictures. It was a lot of fun and Tracy got some awesome shots of all of the brothers, but it was hard to corral everyone. Tracy had the brilliant idea to ask the soundman for a microphone. She was able to get everyone's attention without yelling, so it was a great idea for a photographer.

I had to run off with my sister in law (SIL) to the reception site to put the cake together, and to make sure the music and mic would work. We went after 1 and the wedding was at 2. It was a bit tense, with a time crunch and technical difficulties, but we got back around 1:30. I ran around with my camera the entire day, capturing my favorite moments and then some. There was a bit of a kink, waiting for a grandma to arrive, so the ceremony didn't actually start until 2:30. Oh well!

They got married off, and Karen, me and Erika all helped coordinate getting everyone in their place. We sat in the back, and I ended up sitting next to my dad. The ceremony was good.

On to the reception. It was just like any other. It was fun, hanging out with Tracy, and the family.

K, More recaps later. I need to go to bed!