Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random thoughts

Random thoughts that I've had this week...

- I am so grateful for our apartment. We went to my Brother in law's place and they were complaining about how they can hear everything their neighbor does. As we were there, you could hear a guitar being played and stuff. I realize that is a consequence of apartment living, but we hear nothing that our neighbor does! I think it's the way that the building is laid out, but still. It's very nice not to be able to hear him all the time.

- Got to see two of my "new" nieces on Sunday. Hadn't seen one of them since last Christmas, I believe, so that was cool.

- I have been reminded lately just how blessed I am to have a husband like I do, from looking at circumstances and hearing stories from other people. My husband is good with money and doesn't spend it frivolously (and keeps me in check!), he's caring of my feelings, is faithful, and I never had to wonder if he had my parents' approval. Just a thought.

- C just turned on the Christmas lights and turned off the overhead light to see how much they would light up the room. Not too much, but it looks cheery in here now, so we're keeping them on.

- Said brother in law's wedding is in a week and a half!! We tried to help them out a bit yesterday with the planning. Hopefully it helped.

Happy Thursday everyone!