Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coming home early

I spent Tuesday coming up with ideas to decorate the house. I put up some more pictures and planned to actually put paintings up. As you can see, the project isn't finished, but I ran out of picture frames that can hang on the wall! I got the top frame on the left from Salvation Army that afternoon.
So C went to work at 7 yesterday. I wrapped some more Christmas presents and a wedding gift. I went to town at 2:30, and did some errands. I also picked up some pasta salad from Latitude 59 for lunch (yum!) C called at 4:15, wanting to know if I wanted pizza. "Not right now." "Well, would you want some in the future?" "Oh sure!" "K, I'll be home in a few minutes!" "What?!" So yes, they finished with inventory about 4pm, instead of like 8. So that was really nice, and it threw me off pretty good. We decided to stay home from youth group so he could relax some. I ended up reading nearly all of Ted Dekker's Red after he got home. (I have 50 pages left) And then we watched a Voyager.

Today I am forcing myself to do homework so I don't have to worry about it during the wedding. It's snowing like crazy outside. It's accumulating, but slowly. So maybe we'll have a snowy Thanksgiving :)