Monday, November 3, 2008


I drove to AP this morning and boxed up tons of books and stuffed animals from my old bedroom. I have a garage sale box and 4 boxes still in my car of stuff I am keeping. It was good to get rid of stuff!

From there, I went to my friend's house. I got to meet her new baby, and was entertained by her little girl...I think she's 19 months old. I got to hold the baby for a while and then I got to read to Alinna three books. I was just amazed there, though. My friend has two kids now and is thriving in it. I admire her energy and her willingness to be a mom. I'm definitely not ready for it anytime soon!

Once I got home, I set on my goal of decorating for Christmas. I don't have much, but I was able to put lights in the window and set up my little tree. The tree is a fiber optics one, but unfortunately, I think it's broken and doesn't I put lights on it instead! I also put up my nativity set that I got from work. Most of the ornaments that I put out, I got from work. Most of them were free, so why do I care that they say Alaska? :)

I hope that whenever your family decorates this year, (probably after Thanksgiving, I know!) that you have a wonderful time and please share your photos as well!