Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sea Sponge and Seaweed

I found a sea sponge on the beach at the sunset a few nights ago. I wanted to capture it, so I changed my perspective a little and took some long exposure shots of it.
Seaweed makes for an interesting subject with long exposures as well.
It is so ghostly looking, or something.
I enjoy how abstract this one looks!

I have had a couple of busy days!

On Thursday, I met up with Ashley to welcome her to town, and I believe I speak for the both of us when we hit it off :) It was fun getting to know her for a couple hours in the sunshine!

After our un-coffee date, I took a drive onto the Spit for one last hurrah before the tourists come out in force. I spent some time walking the beach with the goal of shooting some eagles. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day, and the wind was calm. I stood on the beach sand for a second and just soaked in the warmth from it, finally!! It was wonderful to stay on the beach, in flip flops no less, and not get cold. Summer is on its way!

I came home from there, and sat in my yard in my lawn chair and read a book for a while. I came inside and immediately realized that my face was sunburnt! Slightly regretting not keeping an eye on it, but oh well! I don't usually tan, so I will likely go back to pasty white.

Yesterday evening,  we went to a friend's house and watched the new Narnia movie: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I have to admit, I'm glad I didn't pay money to watch it in the theater =/ The deviations and added things from the book kinda messed up the story, as well as the message. Some of it was awesome to see though.

I'm not sure I will be adding it to my collection either. It would have to be a really good deal for me to do so.