Thursday, May 26, 2011


Two pheasants!
I love the male's coloring, but the female really blends in well. She was very hard to see.
Three?! Never saw a second male, so I don't know what this means!

I have spent the last 2 weeks fighting off some sort of cold...The first week, I just had a sore throat, and was coughing pretty bad. I didn't feel poorly or anything, and after a week had gone by and I started to get concerned, it started to go away. I was happy, and went on. Monday evening, I felt a tickle in my throat, which annoyed me. Tuesday morning, however, I woke up feeling terrible. Full on sore throat, stuffy nose and a cough. Wednesday my head felt like it was in less of a fog, but still not better. Hopefully this goes away and stays away! I basically did nothing on Tues/Wed (my weekend from work) which felt nice.

The local high school graduation was Monday night, and I got to see a friend I have not seen since Christmas. She invited me out for a picnic with her family (her little brother graduated) and so I drove off at 10pm for a picnic! Always fun to have a picnic at 11pm!