Sunday, May 8, 2011

Farewell Moosie!

My moose came back one last time before we moved out. :)
Me: "Look, it's a moose portrait!"
C: "I don't take portraits of people, I take portraits of moose. Michelle Simpson Moose Photography." :)
It's been fun!

Work has officially begun for me for the summer. I had planned on this being my last FOR SURE summer at my current job, but now I am not so sure. I will likely be taking on the full time position in the fall, if I desire, and that sounds nice because money = house payment :)

Usually summer is bearable because I know there will eventually be an end to full time....there may not be an end to my working this year. I do hope to find something with more potential (not to mention benefits!) once I have my degree, but I also want to find something with a funny work week to go along with C...which is not likely to happen :(

Speaking of school, it is official, I only have two classes left for my Bachelors! That feels awesome to say, but it will be even more awesome at Christmas!