Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I found this chain on the beach the other day and had to make use of it for a while.
It ended up being a cool prop!

Don't worry, I took it off the beach :)

Yesterday I found a fascinating blog. Katie blogs about Christianity, but she has some fascinating insights, and I found myself drawn into every post she made. Several statements really resonated with me, like :

Be passionate about something.
Whether it’s photography or mowing lawns, writing stories or making jewelry, building houses or making coffee, playing music or singing or cooking, being a parent or preaching or traveling.
Whatever it is, be passionate about it. Care about it. Refuse to settle.
And invite other people into your dream for life. Share your vision. Give the rest of us the joy of seeing you come to life when talking about your dream.
Found here
And how stacking blocks is one way society forces our perceptions.

I've had a couple interesting comment conversations already and I plan to keep reading :) Just wanted to share!