Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mom Caught a Fish!

I was on the beach the other day, watching people fishing. I have seen people fishing there for years, but have never seen anyone catch anything. In the span of 10 minutes, I watched 3 fish being caught! This one was caught by the mom in this family.
The dog was not sure what to think of it! He kept running away, then barking at it.
Mandatory photos :)
Sending him back off to sea!

It was fun to watch the little boy and the dog excitedly running around. It was even more fun when I saw this family the next day at my work! I don't know them, but it was fun to see them.

I was out working in our front yard 2 nights ago when a neighbor across the street came outside in his underwear and proceeded to wander around his vehicles and such. I was a bit amused and horrified and wandered elsewhere for a few minutes! The reports from someone who knows him is that he is rather...eccentric. Guess so!

The green has finally popped! I love seeing all the color after so many months of white and brown. I wandered through a friend's garage sale yesterday morning and she gave me a Columbine start....we'll see if I can get it to grow! I love Columbines and would love to take more photos of them. Eventually I would love to cultivate flowers and a vegetable garden, but it won't be this summer.

I like the idea of a rock garden as well. I think I have more ideas than I have time and money, though! How many of you are avid gardeners, or don't have a green thumb at all?