Friday, May 20, 2011

Chocolate Snob

I am a self proclaimed gourmet chocolate snob. Or it could just be that I am not used to the other tastes of other gourmet chocolates, but either way, they never measure up to my standards. Godiva is rather boring. Lindt is pretty good, but not great. I do like a couple kinds from Rocky Mountain Chocolate, though. See's is rather boring and uses too many weird nuts and nut pastes. Most of the problem is the chocolate itself. The filling might be ok, but the chocolate is never creamy enough for my taste.

My boss has gone on and on about this one type from See's, and I thought she was just saying it. Then someone brought her a small box back from the states, and she let me have a piece of chocolate covered divinity. YES. Yum.

When the same person offered to get her another box, I begged for one of my own. Now I have a pound of divinity at my house. I have been good at limiting myself to only one a day, though I would like to have them last a bit longer!

The candy has nuts, and coconut in it (I HATE COCONUT) but it is really, really good and creamy.

Even though I am a snob, I won't pass up testing out new chocolates....C finds it obnoxious when I go new places and have to buy a bunch of expensive pieces!