Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hanging Out

Was chatting with my dad in the front seat of his car when this car pulled up with this big guy hanging out. Grabbed the camera and shot a couple frames before he looked my direction. Cute!

I was looking forward to today greatly. It's C and I's weekend, and time to relax, run errands, and hang out with friends. Not this week! C called me yesterday afternoon to announce that he had to work today. I grumbled inside for a bit, but then realized that this was one way God was helping provide for our new house and new bills. Overtime is nice! So, I am restructuring my day today, and keeping positive!

Yesterday, I had a rather quirky customer at work who had an interesting personality. He bought a box made out of chocolate from me, and then suddenly looked up, "You have brown eyes!"
"Yes, I do."
"Kinda like that box!" *leaves*

Kind of strange, but amusing!

I have a bit of a rant against my favorite company. I love Amazon.com. I have had very little complaints at all from them over the past several years, and I buy from them a lot. Even have the credit card.

Free shipping to Alaska is amazing. But, because of our location, we cannot utilize Amazon Prime. I have tried to sign up for it in the past, and the system would not let me. Last evening, I wanted to buy several birthday books for someone who lives in the Lower 48. I ended up with a $25+ order and proceeded to checkout. I am almost sure that I have been able to ship to 2 different locations and still get the free shipping, but maybe not. Either way, Amazon was going to charge me shipping.

Enter the Amazon Prime button all over the page. They would allow me to sign up! Against my better judgment, because I knew they would still not ship to Alaska, I signed up. My out of state purchases had free shipping! But the item I wanted was not, and it would cost $10 to ship a $13 item. NO.

I went back into my account and cancelled Prime's auto renew at the end of 30 days, hoping that would get me out. Nope. Now I just won't be charged for it, but I still have access to the service for 29 days! Amazon has no way to cancel it, because they want me to "enjoy" the trial.

The problem? I will not be purchasing anything else to be shipped Outside, and I cannot get the free $25 order shipping until Prime runs out!!! So I cannot get the item I want until June 17 because I refuse to pay for shipping, and cannot find it elsewhere at a better price.

I sent them a couple customer service messages, so hopefully they understand my reasoning and cancel it. Sometimes user friendly is exactly not that. :)