Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Love Musicals!

I have always loved musicals. Always. I loved to sing along to Disney movies growing up. The high school would annually do a musical and that was usually a highlight of my springtime.

Nothing has changed, except now I have a lot of those songs. C didn't think that he liked musicals, but after playing several songs, he seems to be won over and plays them himself. Now we listen and sing along as we do the dishes together. Such fun.

Some of my favorites...

Annie - Maybe
Guys and Dolls Theme song
Guys and Dolls - Sue Me
West Side Story - A Boy Like That
West Side Story - America
My Fair Lady - Wouldn't it Be Loverly
Les Miserables - On My Own
Godspell - Day by Day

What are your favorite musical pieces? Don't you just love musicals like I do?!