Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photos to Shoot

I usually dread winter, and I suppose I still am (K, I AM dreading winter) but I have also been looking to the changing of the seasons for photo inspiration. When the fireweed signaled the end of Summer, I was excited to see the bright red colors. Now that the leaves are changing, I have been going in search of sweeping landscapes full of color. Less daylight means getting up for the sunrise doesn't have to happen before 7AM. Sunsets are earlier, which is not that great, but more convenient in some ways. Termination dust (snow signalling the end of summer) has been appearing on the mountains, creating more distinction and contrast. Here is a partial list of shots I am anticipating getting in the coming months :)
  • Lights - Every year, an older couple with their house on one of the busy highways puts out a fantastic array of Christmas light animals for a nativity scene (I believe). I have ALWAYS wanted to stop for a photo of it, ever since I was a child, but have never done so. This year, that will change.
  • Christmas Tree - Just think of all the fun you can have with a slow shutter speed and a Christmas tree!
  • Fishing Hole at Sunrise - Went there yesterday and I think it will be an incredible spot to get the sunrise.
  • Moose - We tend to get the creatures in our yard again soon and this time I will be ready with my zoom lens.
  • Snow falling
  • Snow/frost on berries - A certain tree I see often and year after year looks amazing with white on red. This year, I will be sure to capture it.
  • Northern lights? - Not sure that I will get the opportunity for these. I'm not sure that it is dark enough in my area to see them. And I'm not sure that I have the endurance to stand in the cold and dark for long!
  • Sunrises in general - I plan to make it a priority to get some nice sunrise shots. I've never gotten many, ever. When the sunrises at 9:30 in December, there is no excuse not to!
There are some ideas. Let me know if you choose to try some of them and share the results!