Friday, September 4, 2009

First Day Off

Today is my first day off (except for weekends) this entire summer, except for the wedding in June. I woke up this morning with a plan (go to MIL's house, cook, homework) but I was still wandering aimlessly. What a strange feeling it is for me today. To know that I have the day off without C and can technically do what I want.

I spent the morning at my in laws' house getting it ready for a garage sale next weekend. Getting icky, cobwebby furniture out of the shed is not my idea of good clean (ha) fun, but it's necessary.

I took MIL and BIL5 to the store and I ended up with some drumsticks (the ice cream). Came home, savored one, and then set up dinner and then made some Cathedral Windows. Cleaning up, doing laundry, too. Now I have an hour before C comes home. Now what?

Today officially means summer is coming to a close for me and I am thrilled about that. I just hope the weather stays nice for a bit longer!