Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Missed Calling?

Ever get the feeling you are totally doing the wrong thing, but it's too late to change it?

I have been pursuing this Accounting degree since Fall 2007. And frankly, ever since I started, I have been pursuing it kicking and screaming. I understand numbers to a point. I do well with my classes until they start throwing curveballs at me. Those curveballs are, unfortunately, on every lesson in every class. Those curveballs are why I failed 1 class last semester and dropped another one.

Each semester I fight this battle with myself. Do I quit? Switch emphasis's?

This semester, I am taking 2 computer classes. Granted, they are fairly brainless - 100 and 200 level. But you know something? I have always been good with computers. I have a 99% in one class and close to that in the other. My one accounting class right now is already a low B.

Should I have pursued something with computers? Probably.

I attempted to take a career aptitude test this afternoon. Who knew that my hidden calling was Criminal Justice?!

I am tired of this running around stressing beyond belief for a degree that I'm not sure I want to finish. But I'm too far in to switch. I think I should just stop and take photos for the rest of my life. I could do that just fine!