Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Equipment

I find getting new equipment slightly close as exciting as getting new lenses. I recently got some cheap UV filters for all 3 of my lenses. I probably should have gotten better quality ones, but I'm on a limited budget!

A week ago, I decided to invest in 3 filters for my 50mm. I have been lusting after them for several months, but I haven't wanted to spend the money when I wasn't sure which lenses I would use the most with them. I bought a circular polarizer, a neutral density .6, and a graduated neutral density. They came yesterday and I went and played with them. So far, I haven't noticed much of a difference with them, but I haven't been in the situations to need them yet. However, the polarizer is fun for taking photos of computer screens without the lines and glare!

Yesterday, when I came home from my shooting, I couldn't find the lens cap for the 50mm (the lens I use most often). I searched and searched. I gave in and bought a lens hood that comes with a cap. I figured I really need a hood anyway. Of course, about 4 hours after I order it, what do I find? I considered trying to cancel the order, but I figure that the lens hood is worth it.

This "hobby" just keeps getting more and more expensive!!