Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lisa Murkowski Winner!

Lisa Murkowski officially wins the race!

I am not into politics. When it came time to vote for senator this year, I wrestled with my decision. I felt that none of candidates were stellar. I finally decided to vote of Joe Miller for one reason, and one only: he was prolife.

I have heard many Christians make that their mantra, that prolife is the way to vote if possible. I'm happy that I voted that way, but at the same time, Joe Miller has sure made a big fool of himself since the election. The people voted, and Lisa won a successful write in campaign. It's time to drop it!

I have to admit that I am happy now that Lisa has won. Joe has shown his immaturity in not being able to gracefully concede, and that is quite telling.

Granted, I wrote this entry on Thursday, so things may have changed since then!!