Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'm not sure that I have ever blogged about inventory before. I used to dread inventory at my work with a passion. It takes 3 days of constant counting. This year, we did it a bit differently, so I was finished by the late afternoon of day 2, which was wonderful.

The one thing that makes it much more bearable is eating lunch with my coworker(s) and boss. We never get to eat lunch together and we try to make an effort to make it work during inventory time. I brought a slow cooker lunch on Monday, and my boss made her incredible chili yesterday. It has been incredibly delicious.

Today, even though my part is done, I am still going in to have lunch one last time. I love getting along with my coworkers!

In other news, I dreamed that I took lots of photos, and when I woke up, they of course do not exist :( What a letdown that is!