Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Goals

I usually hate coming up with resolutions, but I have been thinking about some of these for a while, and I really want to implement them.

- I have started a spreadsheet to track how much time and car mileage I spend shooting, and also how much time I spend editing. I'd like to see how much time I really spend, since it is a substantial part of my days.
- I plan to blog on my personal blog everyday. I enjoy blogging, I just am not usually interested in expanding on anything I have written.
- This goes along with the above, but it involves networking much more. Actively engaging people on Twitter and hopefully Facebook, as well as commenting on blogs. That is a big way to grow on the internet, through networking. It will take a significant amount of time, but I am eager to try.
- I also want to make sure I really clean my house once a week. I am terrible at such things, and I have more interesting things I want to be doing, but having a clean house is wonderful, and I want to make sure it is nice if I have unexpected visitors.

I think these are all very manageable for my lifestyle, and not too lofty they will not happen. What about you?