Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 Blogs = 1 Blog

I spent a bit of time this afternoon making something a reality I have been thinking about for a while. I combined my photography blog and my personal blog into one. The next change will likely be plopping this whole blog onto Wordpress, but that will be a while down the road!

Blogger has a great exporting and importing feature that helped immensely. The feeds should be the same, please let me know if you encounter problems! I kept the photography feed separate for those who are not interested in my personal life. Those who are, can subscribe to the improved feed to get all the posts. If you are reading this post from my personal life feed, you are all set!

I hope this doesn't confuse you all too much! I was getting tired of updating two blogs, and was devoting much more time to my personal one than the photography one. I think I have managed to fix many of the links, but it may be a process to do them all. Looks like I lost all of my scheduled posts for both blogs, unfortunately.

Everyone "following" me on Blogger on the personal blog should click over and follow this one!

I apologize for the influx of posts that may have shown up in the feed. I don't know how to not let that happen :(

Thanks for your understanding everyone!