Thursday, January 6, 2011

December Aurora Hunting

As much as I would like to get into night shooting, it just does not interest me as much as the landscapes do. My camera does not do well with it, and I also would want/need someone to go with me into the dark, since C will not. And, it is often cold here when the conditions are right! However, I have attempted it, just not often so far.

On December 15, there was supposed to be a wonderful solar storm = epic northern lights. Unfortunately, it was not to be. My Fairbanks friends did not get anything of worth, and neither did I. The UAF team that predicts the aurora later said that it did not materialize as planned, which made me feel better.

I took a couple friends out at midnight and we went in search.
This was as good as it got. The pink glow is light pollution I think. So, there was nothing, just 10ish degrees and a biting wind. Too cold for aurora hunting for me!
This is a long exposure taken as I drove through town at 12:40am or so.