Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Quake

Was rudely shaken awake by an earthquake Monday morning at 4am. I groggily realized we were having a rather violent quake (only 4.7) but with a sudden jolt, it was finished. I vaguely thought to look it up in the morning and subsequently blog about it.

A few hours later, after waking up, I logged onto Facebook and saw several updates about it. I realized after a few minutes that yes, there had been a quake that morning. It turns out there was a 3.7 one a couple hours later that morning, as well. I also learned there had been two 4.0 quakes the two mornings before.

The whispers are that people hope the ground is letting off steam and not building up to a big one. We all know the big one is coming again, but later rather than sooner, please! Though one comment I heard explained there were a ton of smaller quakes leading up to '64 quake....