Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Life and Death of a Sand Castle

Redhead and I headed out last week to make a sand castle. The weather was glorious and she wisely had me wear my mud boots!

We went to the beach and picked a spot to build a sand castle on that would sooner rather than later get overtaken by the waves. In her opinion, that is the only way to do it!

While it was a bit warm out, it was still windy, and cold, wet sand does not keep the shivers away. We labored for an hour or so, and then waited for the tide to come in. Meanwhile, where we were standing soon became an island! We watched with wary eyes to make sure we wouldn't be walking through too much water to get back onto the beach.

Soon, the water overtook the moat and then the castle! We left soon after this point and waded back to shore. It was a good time for a nice May day! And the start of summer!!