Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little Moments

This past Sunday marked five years of C and I almost being a couple. Our official five year mark is in a couple more weeks, but May 16th is the day C broke the silence and told me how he felt, amazing me since I had no idea he felt the same way. I have been marvelling this month at five years together. I probably did not say that right, but what I mean is the passage of time. Sometimes it seems like so much longer, but mostly so short. I spent some time yesterday going through images I had taken from 2005, and just shaking my head at how life changes. Little brothers grow up, and friendships grow apart. But time also can knit together, and C and I fit that description I think.
I proclaimed that we needed to go out to eat on our day off, in honor of five years. But really, I just wanted to eat out :P We went to a recently opened "Bistro" in the tourist district and decided that it was worth a try, despite the higher prices. C got a kabob with chicken, pineapple, onion and bell pepper marinated in a sauce and fried over a grill, and served with rice. I got a grilled turkey sandwich, marinated in a similar concoction. It was an interesting meal, and quite tasty. Not sure if we will go again, just because it was pricey (and honestly, will it stay open past the summer? :( )
We departed and went to the grocery store. I let C pick the ice cream flavor, since I usually do the shopping by myself. He stared at the case for a while, obviously weighing the pros and cons of the different flavors. I grew tired of standing still, waiting for a decision and so I leaned closer to him. Distractedly, he hugged me, but then looked down and smiled, then kissed my forehead. I hugged him back and his attention went back to the ice cream before him. I stood with him for a bit, content to be with him as people continued shopping around us.

I loved feeling for a second that the world was stopping for us, to savor an embrace from the one you love. Not long after, C picked his flavor and the world started up again. I forgot about the exchange as I went through the checkout line, but after getting home I thought of it again, realizing how precious the moment was. Those are the times I want to remember and cherish, moments of quiet love amidst the craziness of the world.