Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10:30 PM

I have long admired and longed to imitate the styles of incredible landscape photographers. Everytime I learn a new technique, or post processing tip, my images improve, but I know I still fall short of that lofty goal. One thing I have been trying to practice is taking shots with longer shutter speeds.

I have some filters for my wide angle lens, but not enough to make it very dark. Thus, to be able make a slower shutter speed effective, and not blown out, these shots need to be taken at sunset. Landscapes should be taken when the light is best anyway, so it is a win win. Except, sunset here in Alaska is getting later and later. This shot was taken around 10:30pm, just a few days ago. The sun was not gone yet, but it was getting close. Tonight's sunset is at 11pm.

So, I long to try out some techniques, but I must wait for the fall when the amount of sunshine decreases. Who would have ever guessed I would look forward to the fall!