Sunday, May 6, 2012

Peeking Green...

Today was a bit less stressful at work, but it is obvious that summer is starting. The amount of people has suddenly jumped up, and it will continue to do so every day. I'm ready for summer, but not the tourists! (Are we ever ready? Lol)

It rained today. I thiiiiink it rained in April, but I'm not sure. But it was definitely one of the first time it rained in months. Our winter was rather nice in one way simply because instead of raining, it snowed. The snow was obnoxious, but I'd rather have more snow than rain in the winter. Rain just makes everything slippery and a mess.

So today, it poured for several hours straight. And I was drawn out shooting in the yard, looking for new green growth covered in water drops! I have missed taking droplet photos :) Bring on the summer flowers!

It hasn't been sunny in a few days and I'm missing the sunshine, but today's rain was lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing the green start to pop a bit more now that we've finally had some new moisture (lots of melting snow though).