Saturday, May 5, 2012

Night Shots and the Lights

March 6, I went out aurora shooting, and I had the not so brilliant idea to go to the harbor to go shooting. TOO MUCH LIGHT!! I took some photos there for kicks and turned around and went elsewhere before the show got better.

I had a lot of people exclaiming that the aurora photos I took that evening looked like it was daytime. The moon was pretty much full that night and lit up everything. Here's the harbor parking lot under the moon.

Test shot of the gazebo.

The starry sky, March 9

A little bit of lights, before the clouds came.

The moon was rising as I was out there. I was kicking myself because I did not bring my telephoto lens, because the moon rise was incredible. This was taken a little while after, showing the clouds covering the moon and how bright it still was out there.

Cloud cover....time to go home.

Looks like sunrise, doesn't it? :)