Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Happenings

Yet again, life just stays busy :)
Safely viewing the solar eclipse together :)
The drama at work has finally calmed down after a month of stress and while it is now insanely busy due to summer, it's less stressful for me :)
Chocolate milk was cheaper than white milk, so naturally...
It is finally starting to actually green up around here and I am so happy to see it :)

We bought me a brand new bike today!!!!! My old bike has served me well, but it was too small for me. I just kept riding it because I had nothing else, but it was definitely not comfortable, and proved to be more work to ride than it was worth most of the time - i.e. I don't take it out for pleasure riding, just to and from work. Finally decided that I needed to go in search of a new bike. We went for a look to a local store today and this one was on sale. I rode it around for a bit and it is so divine! Such smooth motion, almost effortless for me to ride. C is tired of my gushing about it! Now I can go for rides with friends and enjoy it!
Me standing under the skylight in our room
In other news, after we brought my new bike home, C proceeded to educate me on mowing the lawn! I got to weed whack last year, but it looks like I might have the mowing duty now. C dislikes mowing after getting paid to do it for years as a kid, and I enjoy working outside in the hopefully I can stand doing it all summer. First go of the whole yard went fine and I was victorious.