Sunday, October 25, 2009

Work Happenings

Stuff that happened at work throughout this summer..
  • A group of 5 or so teenage girls came in. They were all very made up, fashionable, etc. The last one who came in had the strangest look to her. She had really long hair, past her shoulders, but one half of her head was completely shaved. It was obviously a statement...
  • Someone is looking at candy in the case and I ask: "Can I get you some candy?" "Oh, to try?" "Well...sure.." I was thinking for you to buy...
  • Regular customer comes in, "What's that new smell?!" "Um..." My sense of smell is nonexistant at work..
  • A customer wearing a tshirt that shows a family of bears eating tourists. The caption reads: "The family that preys together, stays together."
  • In July, "These aren't this year's berries?!" Berries don't start coming in until August and it takes about a month (Septemberish) for the berries to get made into jelly/jam. Poor tourists have to wait until next summer to get this year's berries.
  • "Do you have chocolate covered mushrooms?"
  • As a customer walks in, he eyes the chocolate and announces, "Hello, sellers of evil!"
  • Getting asked by children, "Do you know where the bathroom is?" gets old. Of course I know where it is, I work here.
  • We sell jewelry with mother of pearl in it. It has a commercial, novelty name in Alaska. I got asked one day, "Does glacier pearl come from glaciers?"
  • "Which is better - a lemon truffle or a key lime?" I can't stand either, so you'll probably like both!
  • A porcupine was living in our yard. Many customers throughout the summer were ecstatic about it, exclaiming over it and slamming the door, cameras in hand.
  • Playing with a ring sizer, "Do people really have this small fingers?"
  • A 3 year old boy looking at our rocky road candy "That has rocks in it?!"
Those were some recent stories...