Monday, October 26, 2009

Creative Digital Camera

Way back in April I signed up for a 1 credit art class on learning digital photography. I have been debating whether I should take it or not, since I have been teaching myself how to do this and the class looked fairly basic. At the least, I figured I could get networked with the instructor, who is apparently quite a big name, Taz Tally.

Went to class today, and didn't know anyone there. Class was just about to get started when in walks my favorite professor! He sat next to me and kept making comments the whole time. It was really strange taking a class with him. (He's a 60 year old genius)

The class looks promising. I am learning a bit, but nothing major, of course. Just little things - a really cool tripod, some Photoshop shortcuts, etc. Some of it is so basic though. One lady doesn't know anything about taking photos or computers in general. The basic requirement for the class is to have a camera that can shoot in the "creative modes." One lady's simple point and shoot didn't have any of those settings.

The whole class is on a mission now to get flashdrives and card readers! But there are a couple of people in there who have quite a bit of experience. I'd like to get to know them a bit.

And, of course, I am by far the youngest student in the class.

It has promise. Next week we might end up at the beach to shoot!