Friday, October 23, 2009

My Semester

I figured I'd give an update on my college semester, since it always seems to be such a rough time for me. This one is going splendidly!

Grades - My grades are all A's or B's. Much better for my GPA :) 99%, 94%, 83% and a mid A (not sure on a percent). Much better than the Spring was!!

Enjoyment - I am really liking my classes for the most part. Interesting. All of them could be more challenging though (except the income tax one!)

It's going quickly. It's midterm time already.

I am also changing my emphasis from accounting to marketing. At this point, I just want to finish the degree with little stress or frustration. Marketing is interesting to me, even if it is not the best degree to get for a job. My advisor insisted that I'd be able to get an accounting job in this area even if I just stopped my degree altogether.

I start my last class on Monday. Should be interesting. It's called "Creative Digital Camera." I'm not sure whether it will be really helpful to me or not. I've self taught through books and the internet for months now. I'm not sure that going to a class is going to be all that helpful. Although I have no doubt that I will enjoy it immensely from talking photos and techniques :D