Friday, October 30, 2009


Winter is truly on its way. I've been trying to avoid it, but it's coming.

Woke up this morning to 23 degrees.

I started to notice a change towards the end of September. The streets were much less congested in town. So was the grocery store. The tourists were on their way back to their homes, finally!

Now our daylight is rapidly decreasing. Sunset was at 6pm last night. It's dark in the mornings when C goes to work. The leaves are completely gone from the trees.

Last year, we had such a terrible summer weatherwise, that winter just seemed like torture. It really felt like winter never left last year. However, this year has been glorious. An early summer from melting snow due to Redoubt's ash. A beautiful summer with lots of blue skies and warmth. A long October with much sunshine. I think I have myself tricked into thinking that the winter may not be so bad.

And maybe it won't be. Maybe we will have a mild winter. Less bitter cold, lots of sunshine (though that usually means it is cold). My ideal winter would mean less snow...

I can dream! The current forecast says Monday is the day for snow. We shall see!