Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Double Star

I love sunstars, and the reflection is a sunstar too! How fun!

I had three fun things to be happy about yesterday: I was taking some photos down off of the wall, and I love Command hooks! They are so amazing!

The second thing was that I filed out taxes last night and I was pleasantly surprised that we are getting a nice refund check! I was sure we would be paying in this year, so that was an unexpected blessing!

And third, I was in the pet supply store yesterday, and they have an indoor garage sale in a greenhouse all year. I wandered through and there were 3 different kitties lounging! Made me smile to see them, especially one that was quite large!

I was tired of the ice. When I got home from my errands yesterday, I slowed down at my driveway, and slid 4 feet on the sanded road! When I went to get the mail later, I kept slipping, and I was wearing my boots! Needless to say, I am definitely ready to have more snow and no ice!

But I got my wish! It started snowing last night!