Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Snowpocalypse

While a lot of the Lower 48 got dumped on with snow, I (and many other Alaskans) whined over the lack of snow. I really don't like snow much, but this winter has been awful with not being winter! Tuesday, we woke up to snow, and it just kept coming!
The trees collected the snow nicely for me, and it's only gotten better!
We had enough snow by sunset time that I was not willing to drive for anything, but the sky did turn this lovely orange color through the snow. Quite fascinating!
That lovely orange glow again.
Wednesday morning, we had even more. We ventured out for an errand, and I regretted it instantly. The roads were awful, and we almost got into one wreck from someone being careless. This picture shows my tree looking sad. There is another shot farther down that makes it so depressing.
My car that evening. We went to bed, and woke up to more on Thursday!
I stayed home all day Thursday, and shoveled and scraped. We got probably close to a foot and a half in the 3 day span. Nothing compared to my friend in Chicago, but still!
Here's my pathetic tree :(

Friday morning dawned clear and cold! I went for a walk in the early afternoon to shoot how magical the snow looked. Those photos will come eventually :)

We had a 3.4 earthquake yesterday. I thought we had one earlier in the day, but it might have just been snow plows. Seriously! So when this one came, I thought that's what it was. The house shook for less than a sec, and I thought, "meh" and then there was a big jerk. So now I am paranoid of more :)