Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Augustine 3

As you can probably tell, I try to take many, many photos of the mountains when the horizon is clear. Now if only I could have gotten shots like this when they were erupting!

Valentine's Day. Ugh. Working in the retail industry means VDay is less than fun at times. I spent the last 4 days at work making and selling boxes of chocolate. People are insane.

Last night, we stayed open 35 extra minutes, and I missed a school meeting because of it. But it was a zoo. An absolute zoo yesterday, and Saturday was the same. I have never understood why people wait so long, or forget until 5:30 at night. We locked the doors and and people were still driving in the parking lot.

I had a woman come in looking for a box for her son's male teacher. She didn't want any with hearts on it, but she ended up buying a $40 box of chocolate. First of all, did she have her eye on this guy? Was she trying to get brownie points for her kid? I know a lot of guys that like chocolate, but that one didn't really seem to be the best gift for a man. C would take a year to finish the thing, if I got it for him.

I figured out that Valentine's is my least favorite time of the year at my job. Christmas is obnoxious, so is summer. Easter is annoying too, but Vday takes the cake. It gets old really fast trying to help men figure out what their wives like. And I have to tie bows on bags....which I still have not perfected after 5 years.

C and I are going to celebrate on Thursday, I believe. The excitement will have died down by then, and we won't need a reservation to go out for a meal!