Monday, February 7, 2011


Continuation of yesterday's post....amazing hoarfrost on a lookout spot. I did get to shoot a bit of the sunset, but it was already dark and I had no tripod. *sigh*

I was a bit bummed this past weekend to miss the northern lights here. I'd been watching the twitter comments from photographers and how it looked like it would be good. I recently discovered the aurora webcam and it's such a cool resource. Friday night, the lights were on at about 6:50 pm in Fairbanks, and I was so jealous :P I looked outside many times that evening and saw nothing, and it turns out that after I went to bed (12) then they showed up here in town. So disappointed! Saturday night we might have been able to see them, but it was cloudy :(

Hopefully I use today to do a ton of homework. I am feeling motivated to do so, so I hope it happens!