Sunday, February 20, 2011

Message From Hong Kong

C was shipped a TV cord for something, and it came from Hong Kong. Here is the silly message :)

Last night, we were getting ready to fall asleep when we heard something bump up against the wall under our window. And then there was lots of snow crunching. We assumed it was a moose, but the frantic way it was acting from the sounds of it concerned us. Shortly after this started, a dog started barking and the creature ran off noisily. Pretty soon it came back, and so did the dog. I went to the window to find the dog about 10 feet away from the wall, barking and prancing around. But I couldn't see the animal. Finally, the dog aggravated it enough that he/she came out of hiding. It was a moose. Poor thing ran off again and then came back shortly later and I assume spent the night there. We finally fell asleep after 1AM. The sounds were just a bit strange sounding out there...snow crunching, a big moose brushing up against the house and making the walls shake, etc.

I'm glad it's daylight again! :P