Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swimsuits, Ugh

A pet peeve of mine: finding a swimsuit.

It is impossible to find a modest swimsuit in junior's size.

The last swimsuit I bought, I was in early high school, and it was a small women's suit. I need a new one! I have a tankini, so I do have something, and I do have a couple bikinis, but I want something that I am not uncomfortable wearing.

Basically, all that is available for teenagers are bikinis, monokinis (with those hideous cutouts on the sides) or halter top one pieces. I just want a swimsuit like this in a junior's size with a cute design! And hopefully under $100!!

Apparently it's too much to ask, because I have not found anything like this, and when I have, it is completely out of my price range for the amount of time I will be wearing it. Any ideas?