Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 5

I haven't shot the sunset in nearly a month. I am having withdrawals, in a way. I bought another filter that I can use at dusk, and I have been itching to try it out. We are rapidly losing daylight now, though, so sunsets should be easier to go to, now that I won't have to travel almost 15 minutes to see them at 11pm! I was set to go tonight, but then it clouded up and started raining. There is still hope though :)

The building I work in is not very well insulated. It is freezing in the winter, and unbearably warm in the summertime. This week, since the sun has been out, has been awful. The fan is running, the A/C is running in one room (yes, there is actually an air conditioner.) and the doors are all open wide for a breeze. I have been guzzling water to stay hydrated. Usually, a walk outside can be a relief. Not this week. It's still hotter inside, but it's not much better outside. Yesterday, it was raining, and oddly enough, the air became quite humid. Not only was the work building hot, it was wet hot. My apartment was the same way that night. Today was better, thankfully.

Day 5 of the sugar fast is done. I am fine, for the most part. I am really craving a moist brownie though. I'm already sort of planning on sweets I can have at the end.

C got his vacation request approved for our plans this fall. Probably will be buying plane tickets tomorrow :)

Well, it's C and I's weekend now! Hopefully I can get out and shoot some photos!