Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

Since I first started working at my place of employment, I have missed the festivities of the past 5 Fourth of July's. I really dislike not having the day off for it, since my family often went all out in participating for the holiday with a church potluck and small town activities, including the plastic duck race down the river.

I really miss getting to do fun activities on the summer holidays. Working tourist retail means that summer holiday weekends are nonexistent. I usually whine and complain over it, but sometimes it's not so bad. I always get to watch the parade go by!

Since C had the day off (lucky!) he was able to go to church with me. It's always lots of fun to see everyone exclaim over him: "Hi, my name's ___. You must be Michelle's husband! *wink*"

When church was finished, C dropped me off at work, and then came to watch the parade with me. For the parade, my boss closes the store and we watch the parade along with the rest of the town. Unfortunately, people still want to shop during it, which means we have to chase them out.

This year, because of the Hoka Hey motorcycle race, the parade was at 2pm (instead of 6) and starting at the opposite end of town. Which meant that we had no idea what time it would start for us.

We herded people out of the store at 2:15 and proceeded to wait. And wait. Finally, we could see the start of the parade well past 2:30. It was a good one this year, with the finale being many of the Hoka Hey riders. Since we were closer to the end this year, none of us got any candy thrown to us! The parade finished at 3:15, and my coworkers and I raced back into the store, and were quickly overwhelmed with customers.

It was obnoxious, and I still had not had lunch yet! The customer bathroom had a line out the door, and soon, the toilet was out of order, due to being constantly in use. Shortly after this, every third or fourth customer asked me for the restroom, and I irritatedly had to tell them it was out of service. We were so busy that it was impossible to get back there to fix the problem.

Thankfully, the customers thinned out enough eventually that I could get some lunch, but I sure was over people by the end of the day!

Someday I will get the holidays off AND holiday pay. Until then, I will bide my time and enjoy the parade!